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Step 1: Contact Admissions

If you would like to begin our school application process, please start here:

Step 2: Interview

An interview with the principal will be scheduled once classroom availability is determined. All transferring students from 1st - 12th grades must have a personal interview with the principal before enrollment can begin. Students seeking enrollment into Kindergarten will meet the school principal, but an interview is not required.

Step 3: Placement Testing

Placement testing is required if the new student is seeking to transfer from public school. We do not accept “Standards of Learning” results. If the new student is seeking to transfer from another private or Christian school, we will accept Standardized Testing results (Stanford Achievement, Iowa Assessments, etc.) Placement testing may still be required.


All placement testing is a $75 fee (no checks accepted.)

Step 4: Pastoral Recommendation

If students inquiring are 7th grade or older, a Pastoral recommendation must be provided from the church they currently attend.

Step 5: Form Submission

The following list of forms will be completed and submitted in entirety for enrollment:

Birth certificate, shot records, school transcripts (if entering older than K5), pastoral recommendation (if entering 7th grade or older), physical exam.

If you have a student starting Kindergarten (K4 or K5), or moving in from another state, the student must have a physical exam. The required Commonwealth of Virginia school entrance form is available online for your physician to complete. MCH 213G, revised 2014.

Step 6: Uniforms

Students must purchase uniforms after formal acceptance into Heritage Christian School. Uniforms can be purchased through Lands' End online. K4 students are not required to be in uniform.




Registration Fees

Tuition Rates

Multiple Student Discounts

Fees due by July 20th

Possible Fees

Enrollment Checklist


Application Process

The application process listed above must be completed before enrollment.

Patriot Portal

The Patriot Portal is an electronic service provided to parents via the internet. Each student pays an enrichment fee which allows this vital information to be made available to parents. Through the Portal, parents and students have access to grades, homework assignments, and school event schedules.

ProCare Connect 

All families must be signed up for Procare Connect by visiting Procare is used by Heritage Christian School as a Daycare/Emergency contact and billing system. Whether students are in HCS’s daycare program or not, every student must be signed up. 

Blackbaud Tuition Management
                                   (formerly Smart Tuition)

At the time of enrollment, a tuition account will be created for you. Review the payment plans offered by Heritage Christian School and choose one. The plans listed are selected by the school and cannot be changed by Blackbaud Tuition Management. Select your preferred payment method and due date from the options offered.

Identity Verification

At the time of enrollment, submit a copy or scan of the student’s birth certificate to Heritage Christian School’s office in person or by email at

Immunization Records

Heritage Christian School is required to retain a copy of all students’ immunization records at the time of enrollment. Immunizations must be up to date before starting school. 

If the student is exempt from immunization for medical or religious reasons, a notarized religious exempt form must be submitted and kept on file by the school office.

Physical Examination

In order to start school, a physician in Virginia must complete the Commonwealth of Virginia School Entrance Health Form.  This form must be submitted to the school office or emailed to

Physical Examination forms must be submitted by August 20.

Payment of Tuition and Fees

For those on the monthly payment plan, the first payment is due in July.

Book fees, the Enrichment fee, Science lab fees, and Varsity athletic fees are due in August.

Tuition payments are due by the 20th of each month.

A late fee of $40 will be charged as of the 21st of each month if tuition is not received.

Parent/Teacher Meetings

Please contact the school office at 703.680.6629 to schedule a meeting with your child's teacher(s).

Parent/teacher Orientation meetings are on August 17, 2023, by appointment only,
from 10 am - 7 pm.

School Inquiry
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